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    Our primary mission is to provide you with the best professionals that will meet your expectations, as well as your professional goals.

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    To use current, as well as advanced technologies, so we successfully recruit the best professionals in their fields.

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    To prioritize your satisfaction as our customer, we encourage keeping the lines of communication open, to build the most effective professional relationship.

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    We provide start-to-finish supervision for all of the services we offer, as well as post service follow-up, where applicable, to maintain your best interests, across the board.

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    We welcome your constructive criticisms and suggestions, which we commit to taking under advisement.



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    To be your first and best solution for: Your Staffing, Cleaning and Home Health Service needs, in The State of New Jersey

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    We ensure that we take responsibility and accountability and making excuses is not a option.

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    We ensure we are the best and most comprehensive in our industry and be as transparent as possible.

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    We have the ability to sustain any activity for extended periods of time. Our endurance leads to the establishment of what our clients want that other businesses don't have.

Home care services

We recognize that the wellbeing of your close one means the most to you. Therefore, the Home Healthcare Services of Priority Group Services is blessed with an expert team of caregivers who are ready and waiting to assist you and your loved one. The Home Healthcare Services of Priority Group Services is honored that the assigned concerns get reliable and effective aiding care, both medical and non-medical, and constant support by our talented home Healthcare professionals.

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Cleaning Service

Walking into a clean environment can feel magical! Priority Cleans New Jersey is worth choosing, for the following reasons:

We clean holistically, which means our cleaning products are safe for you, as well as the environment, and are economical, for your professional and/or personal cleaning needs.

Our cleaning services are very thorough, as are our staff, who are trained to best meet your cleaning needs, whether for your apartment, your entire house, and/or your office, making each as clean as humanly possible.

We take the stress of cleaning your office or home, off you, so your staff, and your family, are at ease, from when we begin, to when we end.

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Staffing Services

Our Staffing and Recruitment Services provide you with the best qualified Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff, utilizing focused scrutinization that matches each specific position you need us to fill.

We provide ongoing support to our graduates for ensured and continual success in their careers, instilling excellence in all aspects of their professional lives.

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Why we are the best option

Priority Group Services has been established to serve you in the following sectors, in both New York and New Jersey:

Professional Cleaning Services

Professional Staffing Services

Home Health Care

Priority Group Services is a subsidiary company of Priority Groups, which are experts in the above-mentioned sectors, now branching out into New Jersey, due to its collective excellence, growth and now, expansion:

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