Posted: February 10, 2023


For over 400 years, minorities have battled their way to stand their ground in the bustling capitalistic United States and create businesses to help their families achieve the well known American dream. For the longest time, opportunities have been held from minority business owners. Capital has been withheld. Minority businesses owners have been discriminated against way too long, and the MBDA is ready to change that. 

Friday January 27th the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), under the lead of Mr.Donald R. Cravins, Jr., presented its Capital Readiness Program at Medgar Evers College, located in Brooklyn New York. With the  exciting announcement of the Capital Readiness Program, Mr. Cravins and The Brooklyn Minority Business Development Center presented its inspiring and motivational Capital Readiness Forum. 

Throughout this exciting and empowering event we were introduced to a series of important and inspiring African American leaders and business owners. To name some important faces, Ms. Beatrice Sibblies, CEO of BOS Development, LLC, motivated the crowd with her remarks about what it means to build a business. To build a big business, you have to solve a big problem. Ms. Beatrice Sibblies encouraged us, and stressed that we have what it takes to build a large thriving community of thriving African American Business Owners. We have the power to move our team forward, and encourage our youth to build an empowering ecosystem. 

With a network of thriving African American business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, young African Americans will not be able to resist the overwhelming feeling of support and encouragement. An empowering ecosystem has the power to pull African Americans out of impoverished, dangerous neighborhoods. Do not underestimate the power of a great business idea. Ms. Sibblies believes the African American businesses, big or small, have the power to bring extreme amounts of wealth and prosperity to African American neighborhoods. 

To expand on Ms.Sibblies wonderful words, Ms. Roxanne Neilson, Director of the Manhattan MBDA Business Center, offered more words of empowerment, stating that we are living in a generational moment. We now have the infrastructure to provide more opportunities to minorities than ever before. African American businesses are taking off at exponential rates. Minority business owners should take advantage of the rapid amounts of growth we are seeing within cities, within buildings, technology and so on. 

Mr. Donald Hong, president and CEO of UA3 further elaborated on the points made by Ms. Beatrice Sibblies and Ms. Roxanne Neilson. Mr. Donald Hong discussed the issue of insufficient government funding for food, and the excess available food collecting all around The United States. He planned to resolve this through implementing transportation, which will deliver excess fresh food to mosques and churches. A wonderful example of creating a business through fixing a big problem. 

Mr Demond Wilkerson closed the ceremony with some encouraging words on the meaning of the MBDA Capital Readiness Program. The Capital Readiness program was designed to bridge the gap between socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. It’s aimed to provide capital to underrepresented, underserved minority communities. 

Donald R. Cravins Jr. believes capital is the best way to expand small businesses. With the MBDA Capital Readiness program, $100 million dollars will be awarded to  minority owned business owners. The program will help assist minority owned businesses and entrepreneurs to access capital, and services needed to expand their businesses. Specifically, business owners will be able to access technical assistance, mentorships, vendors, and networks along with this grant opportunity. 

Along with the Capital Readiness Program. The MBDA has opened up multiple business centers all over New York City, which are accessible to not only socially and economically disadvantaged minorities but, but to anyone! Mr. Cravins is ready to welcome anyone looking to expand their business to stop by their local MBDA center,  minority or not. 

Donald R. Cravins Jr. and the Brooklyn Minority Business Development Agency, firmly hold the belief that with the help of minority leaders, business owners, and supporters, minority owned businesses can become some of the most competitive businesses across the globe. Economic growth brings societal growth. The growth of minority owned businesses raises the standard of minorities in America. It creates opportunities for not only other business owners and entrepreneurs, but also to minority youth looking to conquer their big dreams, and give back to minority communities. 
Minority business owners can now apply to the Capital Readiness Grant Program. The deadline for this grant is February 28th. More information can be found at

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