Extended Services

Along with our Home Health Aide (HHA) and other extensive programs, we also provide the services which we think that are mandatory for ensuring the overall service for the patients. We believe in fulfilling all the needs of our client’s and we aim to be the one stop solution for all the necessary things that might be needed for our client’s loved one.


We all know that moving around becomes increasingly difficult as you get older and it hinders to get to places, keep appointments, and complete your daily tasks. We are also aware that taxis are not wheelchair accessible and do not accommodate people with special needs. Priority Group Services can assist you with safe and timely non-medical transportation service of your choosing, such as wheelchair transport, doctor’s appointment, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, specialized clinics, disabled transportation, hospital admission and discharge etc


Elderly people tend to fall into a routine that eventually dulls their spirit which eventually has a negative impact on their physical and mental health. We have introduced a slew of stimulating activities to help improve the quality of life of your aging loved one. 

There is numerous numbers of programs Priority Group Services provides for elders which includes variety of physical and mental activities, allowing your elderly loved one to engage in as many ways as possible. It also helps them to create a sense of self-sufficiency and ownership, acquire sense of accomplishment, encourage emotional connection as well as self expression, to be more socially active and, fight depression and anxiety.

Medical Supplies

Priority Group Services provides medical supplies for the clients who require these essentials due to their therapeutic or diagnostic characteristics so that our home health personnel or physicians can conduct treatment of patient’s illness or injury. We provide both routine and Non-routine supplies and the cost of the supplies are included with the cost of service provided by our home health care.

Social Work

Our experienced social workers can help with by advocating for the patient and their families, by honoring self-determination, cultural differences, by actively listening to client’s problems and helping them with solving, decision making and providing emotional support, guiding patient and their family with the area of finance and advanced directives, counseling the patient and family in their grief and loss, ad also supporting the patient o gain insights into the existential meaning of their experience etc.

Food Stamps/SNAP

The families who have been categorized with low-income state, a, we assist them with getting Food Stamps/SNAP issued by the authority so that they can lower their expense cost by providing food assistance and ensure healthy life

Housing Assistance

Priority Group Services helps people with low-income state by sub sized housing, housing voucher and public housing programs

Customized Care Plans

Priority Group Services is committed to providing the best possible care for your loved ones. We will meet with you to learn about the patient’s history and needs, and then create a detailed and highly personalized care plan outlining the services needed and the costs involved. We will discuss how we will collaborate with you or your loved one to determine the best way to meet your needs, and we will even coordinate billing with insurance companies. Also developing treatment plans in collaboration with patients’ families, friends, and social supports, connecting patients to social service programs and entitlements such as transportation and translation services, and conducting regular check-ins with patients to assess progress, ensure continuity of care, and improve health outcomes. 

Our Services

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