Clinical Support

Priority Group Services have expert Registered nurses and Physicians on boarded with our team who are capable of identifying disease states and expertise on administrating complex medications and therapies to the patients who require clinical support in their space of home. We ensure that our caregivers are certified in the respective field of clinical support such as administration of complex drugs, clinical case management, diagnostic screening, patient education and training etc and we make sure our registered nurses and physicians do regular follow-ups with our patient and to build long-lasting relationships that promote medication adherence and patient satisfaction

Physical Therapy

In physical therapy, our Director of Nurse (DON) will be at your doorstep and evaluate the patient overall condition, and according to their need, we will recommend the best suitable intervention and provide you the right person for you. We also provide physical therapies that recently had surgery and being recommended by doctor for an on-going physical therapy sessions to regain their functionality and mobility, we will be glad to be there you throughout your recovery journey.

Occupational Therapy

Priority Group Services have licensed Occupational Therapists that have several years of experience in the particular field and provided aide to significant number of patients. If you have observed any physical, sensory, or cognitive problems of your loved one, you can book sessions with our Occupational Therapists to help them out. With the help of occupational therapy, your loved one can regain and develop motor skills, eye-hand co-ordination, master basic life skills such s bathing, getting dressed, self feeding etc, learn positive behaviors and social skills, and overall gaining independence in their day to day life.


Our professionals are well trained to provide you with the best post operative care that you will need, since all the surgical operations are different, every cases needed to be taken care of that carefully. Our professionals will help you to take medications at time, treating the surgical wounds, helping in sanitation urgencies in the recovery state and helping the patient in every aspect during their post operative healing period

24-Hour Care Service (For Serious Clients)

We have caregivers standby in our team, nearby your location, for if any instances arise that you are in need of 24-hour supervision of your loved one, then we will be there for you as long as you need irrespective of patient case complexity in your home.

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